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Measures to improve the effective cavitation margin of the feeding device:

1.Reduce the installation height of the suction device pump.
2.Increase the pressure of the liquid level in the tank before the pump to improve the effective cavitation margi
Valve body and valve cover leakage :

1.High quality cast iron castings, valve body and valve cover blisters, loose organization, slag and other defects on the body
2.Cold cracking;
3.Bad welding, there is a slag, not welded, stress crack and other
Ground source heat pump system: its greatest advantage is very economical, covers an area of small, but must pay attention to must meet the following conditions: water quality is good; the quantity is rich; conforms to the standard.
1. Case of pump,
2.The pump shaft is generally carbon steel, commonly used in steel, 2Cr13, etc. 45,
4. Impeller
5. Bearing
6.The mouth ring
8. Oil seal
9.Pump auxiliary seal
Pump is a kind of energy conversion machine, energy conversion process is bound to accompany the loss of energy, and efficiency is a measure of this conversion, how to improve the efficiency of the pump, reduce energy loss? It is necessary to make clear t
Pipeline booster pump is a new type of pump, which is a new type of pump, which is developed to solve the pressure of pipeline. Due to the use of advanced mechanical seal, impeller mounted directly on spindle motor, it has the characteristics of high effi
The power of the submersible sewage pump in general is always increased with increasing flow, popular point is a power curve increase with the rising flow curve, the use of submersible sewage pump will bring about a problem: in the design of sewage pump r
Safety valve is a safety valve, its opening and closing parts under the action of external force in a normally closed state, when the device or the medium pressure inside the pipe increases, exceeds the set value automatically open, discharge to the syste
For a given pump, at a given speed and flow must have the necessary to have the necessary cavitation margin, commonly known as NPSHr. Also known as the pump cavitation margin, is required to achieve the performance of the pump cavitation performance param
China in twentieth Century 60, 70s began to epoxy resin composite was applied to the submersible pump for anti abrasion protection. In 1980s, the composite dragon coating, polyurethane coating and rubber coating were developed. In addition, there are a nu
The mud pump is mainly composed of volute, impeller, shaft, bracket, cover and bearing.

Well standard mud pump:
1.The main parts of the mud pump complete complete.
2.Mud pump all the connection bolts, nuts complete fastening, screws exposed 3 - 2
1.Pump before starting the pump should be filled with liquid filled with enough water, no liquid starting.
2.Close the outlet valve, switch on the power supply immediately after the inspection of the pump must be in accordance with the steering arrow of
Along with the progress of science and technology, the type of pump is also more and more, the industry is also increasingly broad application, each pump with its unique performance and play its unique role, here we look at how the pipeline centrifugal pu
The speed of the motor is determined, which is related to the speed of the pump and the transmission mode, such as the direct drive, the speed of the two should be equal, such as indirect transmission, both of the rated speed has a certain speed ratio rel
The automatic coupling device of sewage pump is a pump and discharge device matched set, mainly by the submersible pump, automatic coupling device, a water outlet pipe, automatic coupling device is installed between the submersible pump and the water outl
1. Reasons: pump is the power is not complete, small horse cart, motor overload long time operation, the motor temperature is too high; the motor start too often fixed for the short-term or intermittent work system of continuous work. Should limit the num
A lot of friends in the choice of pipeline pump products will be asked to choose the vertical pipe pump, pipeline centrifugal pump or horizontal pipeline pump.

The so-called reasonable selection of pumps, is to consider the pump unit and pump station
1.To carefully check the mechanical seal number of parts is not meet the needs of, all kinds of mechanical seal equipment operation, each element is damaged, especially dynamic and static ring has no bumps, cracks, deformation and other defects. If there
1. Water pump surface and pressure water chamber (also known as the spiral case) the surface corrosion. The surface rust embossing will pump water reducing 7%-8%; maintenance only steel and iron brush paper or grinding smooth, you can make it at work to r
Because of the suction and discharge liquid inlet pressure, the impeller on both sides of the impeller is not completely symmetrical, which is not completely symmetrical, thus producing the axial force of the centrifugal pump. If the two sides of the impe
1.Regularly check the pump and motor, the replacement of wearing parts.
2.Always pay attention to the bearing box filling high quality calcium base grease, in order to ensure good lubrication of the bearing.
3.Do not use a long time ", in addition to
1.The pump should be filled before the start of the pump filled with liquid, no liquid starting.
2.Close the outlet valve, after the power is switched on to immediately check the pump must press the pump turn arrow consistent, non reverse operation.
Heat pump is a kind of energy from the nature of the air, water or soil to obtain low grade heat, power equipment after work, high grade heat output can be used. It is a kind of energy conservation and cleaning of the heating and air conditioning equipmen
Submersible sewage pump is a pump and motor connected, and at the same time into the work of the pump liquid products, it is a kind of sewage pump, vane, channel width, can transport all kinds of domestic sewage, industrial waste, construction site draina
Now, the sewage pump already in high-rise buildings, residential sewage station, wastewater discharge enterprises and other places have a pump is indispensable. At present, pretreatment of industrial wastewater treatment is mainly to improve the water qua
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