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Quality products from excellent design, but also depends on the reliable guarantee of excellent manufacturing, and excellent manufacturing depends on the perfect processing technology. Only choose the correct processing technology, to create a high precis
Compared with other mechanical oil production, the submersible electric centrifugal pump has the characteristics of large displacement, wide lift range, large production pressure difference, long working life, simple ground processing equipment and so on.
Compared with other mechanical oil production, the submersible electric centrifugal pump has the characteristics of large displacement, wide lift range, large production pressure difference, long working life, simple ground processing equipment and so on.
Submersible multi-stage centrifugal pump assembly can be divided into the floating pump, partial pressure pump and the overall pressure pump. The structure can be divided into two parts, namely, a rotating part and a fixed part, a rotating part of main sh
Cause of failure :

1.Pump stuffing box packing pressure is not tight.
2.The packing in the packing box of the water pump is filled with the error or the material of the filler and the variation of the characters.
3.Pump shaft bending.
4.Cooling w
Submersible sewage pump because of its installation is simple, small size, easy maintenance, no noise and other advantages, widely used in engineering, factories, commercial, hospitals, hotels, residential areas, such as sewage discharge. At present, Chin
In the pumps, there is a serious problem, no matter what kind of pump belongs to the ranks of pump products as long as there is such a problem: no water! Here we talk about the reasons that lead to the deep well pump does not have the water?
Improving the anti cavitation performance of the pump :
1. reduce the necessary cavitation margin:
1). The double suction impeller pump. The double suction pump NPSH delta HC than single stage single suction pump NPSH HC, N and Q for the same speed flo
The head and the pipe may be inconsistent with the requirements of general pressure flow, the centrifugal pump, or the production tasks, process requirements change, this time is required to pump flow regulation, essence is to change the operating point o
Method 1: the opening of the outlet valve adjustment
Method two: bypass valve adjustment
Method three: adjusting the diameter of the impeller
Method four: speed contro
The efficiency of the pump is the key to whether the power is completely converted to mechanical energy:
1.Water pump in the coil, the power will heat, it shows that a part of the electric power can be consumed by the coil resistance.
2.The pump has be
As we all know, the pipeline is a kind of solid, the water is easy to flow of material within the pipeline, if the water is flowing, there must be a part of the energy into heat and "destroy", which is the loss of part of water (or head), which is a ref
1. Check the parts: submersible pump impeller, ring, sleeve, bearing and others are wearing parts. The first part of the pump should be removed, check whether the vulnerability is intact. Use of damage and non qualified spare parts.
2. Replace the lubr
The maintenance of centrifugal pump vertical pipe parts and repair according to the content and workload, divided into minor repairs, repair, overhaul and overhaul system four.
To ensure the efficient operation of pumps is an important link to improve the efficiency of high temperature magnetic pump pumping station. The efficiency of pump is related to the design and manufacture level of pump, the running of pump and the managem
Scope of application
Fire, cooling equipment, applicable to offshore seawater desalination, can also be used as a ground source heat pump heating in all coastal areas, enhance the use of coastal seawater, fountain square landscape, marine aquaculture, d
1.Has not been installed pumps should be coated with a layer of suitable anti rust agent in unpainted surface, oil lubricated bearings should be filled with the appropriate oil, with grease lubricated bearings should only be filled with a kind of grease,
The vitreous enamel enamel is coated on the metal substrate surface after high temperature sintering, between enamel and metal physical and chemical reactions and mechanical strength of metal bond, on the whole, a surface coating material with corrosion r
Chemical process pump refers to the general name of the pumping raw materials, semi-finished products and products in petrochemical plant. Applicable to oil refining, petrochemical, chemical industry and other sectors of the transport of raw materials, se
Axial flow pump according to the direction of the pump shaft is different, can be divided into vertical, horizontal, oblique type; according to whether the blade can be adjusted to reconcile the different agencies, but also can be divided into fixed, semi
Axial flow pump is a single screw pump with high specific speed, the speed ratio is generally 500~1200. Features are large flow, low head, high efficiency, small size of the pump. Common axial flow of the head is generally 4~15m, there is little more than
As the valve is in the most practical use, for rapid qualitative determination of closure, and in the moment of valve closure, the medium is the direction of flow, with the valve closed, medium speed from maximum back to zero quickly, and the pressure is
There are many kinds of centrifugal pumps, and there are many kinds of classification methods. According to the nature of the transport of liquid, chemical production in commonly used centrifugal pumps are pumps, corrosion resistant pumps, pump, liquid pu
The vane pump is a water pump which enhances the kinetic energy and potential energy of the water through the interaction between the blade and the water flow. According to the shape of the blade and the different direction of the impeller, the impeller i
The valve work in a certain period of time to maintain a continuous and complete given functional requirements, so that the given parameter values to maintain this performance within a prescribed range is called no fault, when the performance of the valve
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