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Centrifugal pump impeller mainly has the following 4 forms, closed, the first half open, half open, open these four.
Motor according to the layout of the classification should be divided into horizontal and vertical motor. Because of the characteristics of the water pump is small relative to the starting torque, start frequency is relatively small, continuous operation
Small submersible pump light and light, farmland irrigation and farm day water can not be. In order to prevent the use of accidents in the process of the accident, to extend the service life, to play its excellent performance, the use should pay attention
1. Pipeline pump in the running process, bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature of 35C, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80C.

2. To the pipeline pump bearing body with the bearing lubricating oil, to observe the oil level sh
Before starting the submersible sewage pump, the system shall be examined by a qualified electrician to ensure that the following requirements of the electrical appliances are protected:
1. The power supply device should be safe, reliable, normal. Power
PW ordinary type sewage pump can transport sewage, containing suspended solids, long fiber material and living waste water. Pump body for the quality of cast iron material, the medium temperature is not more than 100℃.
Air pressure fire fighting water supply equipment can be used for direct extraction of municipal water supply network water supply for the occasion;
Fire pressure water supply equipment can be used for life, fire, and a set of water supply equipment;
Single-stage pump is defined only one impeller pumps, general single-stage pump maximum lift is only 125 meters, has simple structure, stable performance, high speed, small size, light weight, high efficiency, large flow, easy to operation and maintenance
1. Compact structure, small size, beautiful appearance, the vertical structure of the decision to install a small area, the center of the center of gravity of the center of the pump, thereby enhancing the stability and service life of the pump.
2. Stable
ISG, LQG type ISW pump is made by cast iron casting, is characterized by the use of motor and pump coaxial, end cover as a whole, making the pump has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, smooth operation, easy installation, co
1. Pay attention to the bearing temperature of submersible pump sewage pump, should not exceed the outside temperature of 35 degrees, but the maximum should not be greater than 75 degrees.
2. Cup filled with internal calcium grease, can guarantee the nor
Horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump is mainly used in urban high-rise buildings to the drainage and fire water, factories, mines to drainage, long-distance water, industrial circulating water, HVAC cycle, living water for many purposes.
Today, after continuous improvement of slurry pump with advanced hydraulic planning, layout planning reached high efficiency and energy saving significant role, and with excellent slurry material, high hardness, good wear resistance, smooth operation, pro
Sewage pumps are attributed to the size of the centrifugal pump, the layout and the principle and the general centrifugal pump is the same. Sewage pump also has its own characteristics, the layout of the sewage pump head is not high, because the sewage is
Pump heating:
Reason: damaged bearings; rolling bearings or bracket cover gap too small; pump shaft winding or two axis misalignment; tape is too tight; lack of oil or oily bad; impeller balance hole plug, the impeller out of balance, increasing the to t
Small agricultural pumps are the main irrigation machinery of rural water in spring and summer sowing. In operation, it is inevitable that there will be problems and damage, so that it can not be normal pumping. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the
Blade pump common fault exclusion - pump output flow is not enough or even the
1. Motor does not exhaust
2. Oil tank level is too low
3. Oil suction pipe or filter blocking
4. Motor speed is too low
1. The water pump on the tape to be removed, and then washed clean water in the light at the place to dry, do not put the tape in the dark damp local. Water pumps must not be stained with oil, but not on the tape with sticky things.
2. To carefully che
If the pump has any small fault remember not to let it work. If the pump shaft of the filler to be added in a timely manner, if continue to use the pump will leak. The direct impact of the motor is to add energy to the motor and then damage the impeller.
General users in the slurry pump selection, only pay attention to the flow rate of the pump is selected, regardless of the pump head selection, some people even think that lift the higher insurance, so selection of slurry pump head to greater than the act
It is well known that the slurry is indispensable in the mineral processing industry equipment, its primary role is used to power supply transport pipeline. By using the method of slurry pump is not reasonable or blind selection, which leads to energy was
When the water pump from the pool water, if choose from the irrigation type absorbent method can enable the suction tube always filled with water, pump start, eliminating the need for irrigation exhaust time, can quickly put into operation, improve the pu
Shielding pump cancellation of the traditional centrifugal pump rotary sealing device, and has the advantages of no leakage, compact structure, oscillation, and small noise, high pump efficiency, low power consumption characteristics, become air to heat p
Centrifugal is actually the inertia of the performance of the object, such as water droplets on the umbrella, when the umbrella slowly rotating, water droplets will follow the umbrella rotation, this is because the friction between the umbrella and water
Centrifugal is actually the inertia of the performance of the object, such as water droplets on the umbrella, when the umbrella slowly rotating, water droplets will follow the umbrella rotation, this is because the friction between the umbrella and water
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