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Matters attention of the use of axial flow pump and routine maintenance

Anxial  flow pump

The axial flow pump is a pump which is produced by the blade of the rotary vane wheel to cause the liquid to be transported along the axial direction. The axial flow pump impeller is provided with 2 to 7 blades which are rotated in the casing of the circular tube. The upper part of the impeller pump casing is provided with a fixed guide vane, which is used to eliminate the rotational motion of the liquid, and make it into an axial movement, and the kinetic energy of the rotary motion is changed into a pressure energy. The axial flow pump is directly installed in the fluid pipeline, completely submerged. The motor is cooled by the liquid around the motor, and the heat is directly transmitted through the shell. 

 1. Useing note :

 1). Axial flow pump is only allowed to run after the installation and immersion, not allowed to dry. In the absence of dangerous circumstances, allow no more than lOs of the short run, if the fault is not allowed. 
 2). Water pump in the operation of the broken shaft failure, abnormal sound, motor serious fault, pressure meter or the current meter display value is too low or too high, should be immediately shut down. 
 3). Timing check whether the abnormal vibration, noise, if there should be reported in time to find out the reasons for the repair. 

 2. Daily maintenance and maintenance :

 1). In order to ensure the continuous operation of the pump in the ready state, prevent the formation of deposits near the pump and the inlet, stop at the stage of water pump, monthly operation function about 5min, before the operation to check whether there is sufficient water inlet. 
 2). Axial flow pump must be thoroughly cleaned every period of time, maintenance and inspection, to ensure that all parts of the normal pump. According to the working conditions of the pump to determine the interval, the interval between the two inspection should not be more than 6 months. 
 3). Only in the case of pump power supply has been cut off for maintenance and inspection. Pump shell to cool to ambient temperature. 
 4). Replace the sealing cavity cooling liquid (oil), oil seal cavity may still have pressure, therefore, unscrew the drain and an oiling screw must be done slowly. After the pressure is balanced, the screws can be loosened and the screws are removed.

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