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Common faults and solutions of submersible pump

 1. Main cause of abnormal vibration and instability in the operation for submersible pump:

(1) The foundation bolts of water pump base are not tightened or loose; The motor base of the well pump bumps against the well wall;
(2) There is no independent support for the outlet pipe, and the pipe vibration affects the water pump;
(3) Impeller mass imbalance or even damage or loose installation;
(4) The upper and lower bearings of the water pump are damaged.
Elimination measures
(1) Tighten all foundation bolts evenly; Adjust the installation position of well pump.
(2) The outlet pipe of the pump shall be provided with independent and stable support to prevent the flange of the outlet pipe of the pump from bearing load;
(3) Repair or replace impeller;
(4) Replace the upper and lower bearings of the water pump.


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