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No water or insufficient flow of submersible pump

The main reasons of the submerged pump are that the flow is insufficient or does not come out of water during operation
(1) The installation height of the pump is too high, which makes the impeller immersion depth insufficient, which leads to the water output of the pump to decrease;
(2) The water pump turns opposite;
(3) The outlet valve cannot be opened;
(4) The outlet pipe is not smooth or the impeller is blocked;
(5) Wear ring at the lower end of water pump is seriously worn or blocked by sundries;
(6) The density of the liquid pumped is too high or the viscosity is too high;
(7) Impeller falling off or damaged;
(8) When multiple pumps share the pipeline output, there is no one-way valve or one-way valve is not tightly sealed.
Elimination measures
(1) Control the allowable deviation of the installation elevation of the water pump, and do not expand it at will;
(2) Before the water pump is put into operation, the motor shall be idled first to check the steering to make it consistent with the water pump. Check whether the phase sequence of power supply changes when the above conditions occur during the use;
(3) Check the valve and maintain the valve frequently;
(4) Clean up the blockage of the pipeline and impeller, and frequently salvage the sundries in the reservoir:
(5) Clean up debris or replace wear ring;
(6) To find out the reasons for the change of water quality and to deal with them;
(7) Reinforce or replace impeller;
(8) After checking the reasons, install or replace the one-way valve.

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