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how to choose mine submersible pump

mine submersible pump can be used in multi-stage centrifugal pump and three-phase asynchronous motor, dive into the water work. Centrifugal pump with high pressure design, the motor for the wet water motor, start and run the process will not produce spark, will not detonate gas and other combustible gases. Adapt to mine, power plants, coal, metallurgy and other harsh conditions.


wel pump is the national mine submersible pump industry standard drafting unit. The production of submersible pump is a national patent product, with safe operation, stable performance, vibration noise, high efficiency, low operating costs, low environmental protection and other advantages.

The company’s mine submersible pump flow (240-1450 cubic meters / hour), head high (25-1000 meters), the products are horizontal and vertical two categories of hundreds of models, available for customers to choose. Customers can also according to their actual use and requirements, contact with the company, special product design, deployment and installation.

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