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Mine explosion proof submersible sand pump

 Mine explosion proof submersible sand pump has reliable performance and perfect quality. It can be used widely. This series pump adopts some know-how technology, its structure which can resist tear and clog can guarantee effectively that the solid particle (φ 50mm- 125mm) and fiber such as cotton, weed can pass smoothly.

Mine explosion proof submersible sand pump can be used on many application such as mine, municipal engineering, hospital, hotel, village and marsh gas tank to pump civil sewage and industrical pollution water. It is also applied to oil extraction and irrigation.

Mine explosion proof submersible sand pump

Operating range:
1. Maximal temperature: 40 °
2. pH: 5-9.

Pay attention to installation of Mine explosion proof submersible sand pump

Before operating pump, a qualified electrician should check pump system. Be sure to make some electrical equipment protection measures as follow:
1. Before operating pump, a 0-500V megohmmeter should be used to measure resistance of the motor to the ground. Minimum resistance is 1 megohm
2. Power voltage deviation can not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage which is showed on the nameplate.
3. Check the motor rotation. Before operating the pump, start the pump on the ground, check the rotation is the same with the rotation marked on the pump body. If not, change two of them.
4. The pump should be controlled by a special panel. As pump with many protection device, like leakage monitor, temperature sensor, and so on. These device can protect pump from damage and prolong the pump life.

features of Mine explosion proof submersible sand pump

● Integrated and compact design and construction, easy and convenient installation,cost and energy saving.
● Semi-adjustable impeller vanes designed with easy adaptability to varying workingconditions.
● Unique motor design, submersible dry type full enclosed IP68 & F grade insulationapplicable to 380V, 660V, 3KV, 6KV &          10KV voltages.
● Dynamically balanced Shaft and impeller assembly.
● Oil chamber with double air compensation plus double mechanical seals for shaftsealing.
● Moisture monitor equipped in wiring box and oil isolation chamber, protecting fromany water leakage.
● Roller bearings with a min. operation time of 25000 hours.
● Overheat monitors incorporated in motor winding and thrust bearings, and insula-tion resistance monitor equipped with            the motor. Available also with protections foroverload, phase missing etc.
● Materials of construction: Cast iron for casing & impeller, S.S. for shaft & metal-lurgy, S.S. and bronze also available for              impellers, mechanical seal.
● Anti-rotation device designed to prevent equipment from any rotation when startingthe pump.

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