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submersible well pump installation and troubleshooting

submersible well pump is a water and water pump directly into the water into the work of water lifting equipment,submersible well pump installation is important for using. It is suitable for extraction from deep wells, hot water wells and oceans can also be used for rivers, reservoirs, drains and other extraction: mainly used for farmland irrigation and plateau mountain Of human and animal water, but also for cities, factories, railways, mines, site for water use. For the installation of deep well pump, need to pay attention to more matters, but also more complex. The following will be shared on the submersible well pump installation and submersible well pump troubleshooting:

submersible well pump installation and troubleshooting

submersible well pump installation

1, deep well pump installation should check whether the power supply voltage to meet the requirements of the use of deep well pump standards.
2, the diameter of the deep well to slightly larger and the depth of the shaft pump unit, while the actual depth of the wells to be measured before installation.
3, check the well is suitable for the installation of covers, can withstand deep well pump and supporting the weight of the outlet pipe.
4, check the deep well pump assembly is good, before the installation of the deep well pump unloading the filter.
5, with a multimeter to check the deep-well pump three-phase wire is turned on, DC resistance is similar to the balance.
6, connected to the protection switch and control cabinet equipment such as the use of high-power soft start and down control cabinet.
7, the installation of water pipe pads to be positive, and even tighten the bolt without water pipes.
8, the installation, should be in each section of the water pipe with a plastic belt or water rope to tie the cable and water pipe.

submersible well pump troubleshooting

submersible well pump starts or operates with current, or even trips

1, power supply, power shortage.
2, the power cord is too long too thin, the voltage drop is too large or the power supply voltage is too low.
3, contactor damage or thermal relay trip. (Fault red light).
4, the power line into the motor line, automatic box a line break or loose into phase.
5, the motor is damaged.
6, the pump has a foreign body card machine.

Second, submersible well pump can not draw water or water current is too large or too small

1, pump reversal.
2, the pump head is too high, the actual low head.
3, pumped into the water was blocked.
4, the motor winding insulation resistance to ground heat below 0.5 megohm.
5, the electromagnetic wire insulation aging or damage.
6, rubber cable damage.
7, sealed joints failure.

Third, the deep well submersible pump is not water or intermittent water or water failure

1, the motor is not activated (such as voltage, the wire is too long, the cable pressure drop is too large or the pump stuck can not start).
2, pipeline plug or filter network blocked.
3, pipe rupture or gasket damage.
4, the water outlet exposed.
5, submersible pump to the opposite.
6, impeller ring ring and seal ring wear.

Above is detail introduction of submersible well pump installation and troubleshooting,Apk Pump is a professional deep well submersible pump manufacturer,any question or inquiry,you can email us or chat online

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