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Seven points for the use of small submersible pumps

 1. The installation of leakage protection device

Leakage protection is also called the life of the device, it's role from the "life" of the three words can be understood. Because submersible pump works under water, easy to leakage caused by power loss or even lead to electric shock accident. If equipped with leakage protector, as long as the submersible pump leakage values over the action current of leakage protector value (generally not more than 30 MA), earth leakage protection device will cut off the submersible pump power, avoid wasting electricity leakage, to ensure safety.

2. Abnormal power supply voltage

Low voltage power supply lines in rural areas is relatively long, the end of the line is too low voltage. When the phase voltage below 198 volts, line voltage lower than 342 volts, submersible pump motor speed to drop, when up to 70% less than the rated speed, start centrifugal switch closed, resulting in start winding head of time electricity and heat and even burn winding and capacitor. On the contrary, caused by high voltage motor overheating and burn winding. Therefore, the submersible pump in the operation, the operator must observe the power supply voltage, if less than 10% of the rated voltage, higher than the rated voltage of 10% or more, should be to stop the operation of the motor, to find out the reasons and troubleshooting.

3. Avoid frequent switch

Do not frequently switch submersible pump, this is because the pump switch to stop the return will produce, if an immediate start, will start the motor load, leading to the starting current is too large to burn winding. As the start when the current large, frequent start will burn submersible pump motor windings.

4. Do not let the long-term overload of work submersible pump

To avoid submersible pump long-term overload of work, do not draw large sediment water and always observe the current whether in the nameplate on the provisions of the numerical value, if too much current is found should be down to check. In addition, the electric pump running time should not be too long, so as to avoid overheating and burning motor.

5. The rotation direction of the motor to be correct

Should make clear the direction of rotation of the motor, and now there are many types of submersible pumps are turning and reversing all available water, but the reversal of a small amount of water, a large current, and its reverse time will damage the motor windings.

 6. Submersible pump cable installation and insulation resistance

When the installation of submersible pumps, cables to overhead power line, not too long. Submersible pump water or put forward not to make the cable force, so as not to cause power line fault. When the submersible pump works do not sink into the mud, otherwise it will lead to poor motor cooling motor windings burned. When installation, the insulation resistance of the motor should not be lower than that of the.

7. Often check the repair problem in time

Usually should always check the motor, such as the discovery of a crack under the cover, rubber seal ring damage or failure, etc., should be promptly replaced or repaired, to avoid water infiltration submersible pump.

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