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Energy saving techniques for corrosion resistance multistage pumps

Multistage pumps

1. As far as possible to shorten the pipeline. 

2. Without the "gun" type outlet. Because of this increase in energy delivery. At the same time make the corrosion resistance of multistage pump are on the pond outlet. 
3. As far as possible to increase the outlet pipe diameter. 
4. In a timely manner to remove the blockage in the pipeline. Foreign bodies remain in the inlet pipe, impeller or diversion shell, will be used to reduce the amount of water. 
5. As far as possible the use of direct coupling, this is because the direct transmission of the coupling is higher than the efficiency of belt transmission. 
6. To ensure that the premise of the water clean, can remove the filter. 
7. The corrosion resistance of multi-stage pump to carefully check the various parts of the seal to prevent corrosion - resistant multi - stage pump intake. If the corrosion resistance of multi-stage pump into the air, the water will be significantly reduced. 
8. Can use the motor will not have a diesel engine or gasoline engine, there are conditions for three-phase asynchronous motor without a single phase induction motor

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