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Installation and installation work order of submersible axial flow pump

Anxial  flow pump

Shaft installation: 

1.According to the equipment on the line of the reference point, the first installation of the fixed bearing. 
2.With the manual lifting machine will be in place, if the shaft is longer, in the lifting process should avoid collision with other objects in the wellbore and cause damage to the shaft. 
3.Shaft lifting, the shaft is fixed, the righting leveling, ensure the wellbore verticality is less than 1/1000, length of not more than 3mm (with wire and straightedge check). 

Axial flow pump installation:

1.The shaft installation is fixed, and after the adjustment of the adjustment of the allowable deviation value, the axial flow pump installation work. 
2.With the manual lifting machine to lift the axial flow pump to the shaft mouth, and then the axial flow pump down the shaft slowly down to the bottom of the shaft bearing, the axial flow pump to the leveling, and then tighten the fixed bolt. 
3.Deviation and test method for installation of axial flow pump. 

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