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Notes for agricultural submersible pump

 We should keep the necessary maintenance of submersible pump to extend its service life and ensure its normal use at busy hour. The following are 7 notes for agricultural submersible pump:

agricultural submersible pump

1. Change lubricating oil: open oil-hole screws of sealed chamber and electric motor respectively and release the whole lubricating oil in the sealed chamber and electric motor. Change the new oil to ensure normal work of lubricating system.

2. Check easily damaged parts: impeller, retaining ring , shaft sleeve and bearing block of the submersible pump are easily damaged parts. Dismount self-priming pump to check if the easily damaged parts are in good condition at first. It is prohibited to use damaged spare parts.

3. Dismount agricultural submersible pump body for rust prevention: before the usage in spring, dismount pump shell of the upper level and start by switch closing after rolling the impeller to prevent parts rust and burn the motor.

4. Dry the motor: measure winding of submersible pump and insulation resistance of the shell with 500V Meg-ohmmeter. If the value of resistance is lower than 0.5 megohm, the motor should be dried. Dry methods: external drying method, current drying method and combined drying method.

5. Ensure seal: the requirement of agricultural submersible pump is strict. At changing lubricating oil of sealed chamber, if find high oily turbidity and water content, the whole part must be changed or change seal box or seal ring to ensure good seal performance.

6. Check bearing: check upper bearing and lower bearing of the electric motor. If they are worn or clearance between them is too large, the new bearing must be changed.

7. Ensure the bearing lubrication: check and change framework oil seal and lithium lubricating grease of upper and lower bearing chamber to ensure bearings operate under the good lubrication condition.

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