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Working characteristics of deep well pump

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The working principle of the deep well pump and the universal reciprocating pump is the same, but the working conditions are different: 

 1. The diameter of the deep well pump is limited by the diameter of the hole. Under the same condition, the pump length must be increased, and the size of the pump should be increased. 
 2. deep well pump in underground work, sometimes need to be installed in the depths of less than 3000m, so the piston under great pressure, to maintain the seal between the piston and the pump barrel and wear resistance, improve the pump efficiency and prolong the service life of the piston pump and the pressure, you need a longer. 
 3. The working and service life of the deep well pump is affected by the strength and rigidity of the sucker rod, such as the deformation and vibration of the sucker rod. 
 4. deep well pump immersed in the underground liquid, in the harsh environment of continuous work, such as the oil well gas, sand, medium corrosion, scaling, high pressure, high viscosity fluid and high temperature.

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