QSP Fountain Submersible Pump QSP20-40/2-4

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QSP Fountain Submersible Pump

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QSP Fountain Submersible Pump QSP20-40/2-4

Flow:20 m³/h
Lift:40 m
Caliber:0 mm
Power:4 KW
Quality warrantyOne year warranty and lifetime maintance
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Submersible fountain pump overview:

1. Power: 1.1kw-7.5kw

2. Flow: 10-250m3/h

3. Head: 6-121m, If you would like to higher head, we design pump type

4. Material: cast iron/SS304/SS316/SS316L

5. Install: vertical or horizo​​ntal

6. Feature: Re-winding for motor maintance




fountain submersible pumps application:

  1. Farmland irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, well water drawing.

  2. Water supply and drainage system of industrial or residential buildings.

  3. Fountains, landscape engineering and other water features, for example, waterfalls, water curtains in movies.

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