Hot Water Submersible Pump 300QJR200-40/2

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Hot Water Submersible Pump

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Hot Water Submersible Pump 300QJR200-40/2

Flow:200 m³/h
Lift:40 m
Caliber:300 mm
Power:37 KW
Quality warrantyOne year warranty and lifetime maintance
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submersible hot water pump overview:




  1. Flow: 9-2500m3/h

  2. Head: 12-465m
  3. Temperature: <120℃
  4. High temperature motor, high temperature cable, high temperature Mechanical seal



This machine is used to deliver water. It has submersible motor and works under water. It is mainly used for farmland irrigation, water supply and water drainage in cities, factories and mines.


High temperature submersible water pump is widely used in special occasions like heating for warmth, physiotherapy, health care, earth energy utilization, etc. Its motor and pump are united into one. Its structure is simple, easy to install and disassemble, taking little floor space . It is easy to use and maintain, works safely and reliably, causing no pollution to water source.



submersible hot water pump application range:



  1. To collect hot water from boilers for secondary use

  2. To collect water that leaks from heating pipelines in winter for secondary use

  3. To collect cooling water in factories for secondary use (the pump should be submerged in water when working)

  4. To deliver high temperature water through heat-supply system

  5. To be used for heat-supply equipment maintenance

  6. To supply hot water for bath center

  7. To draw water from underground hotsprings

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