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Types and characteristics of agricultural irrigation pump

Centrifugal  pump

Agricultural centrifugal pump :

Centrifugal pump is the use of impeller rotation and the water to the work of the centrifugal movement to work. Can choose more models, flow and head optional range is also large, is the most widely used agricultural water pump. Plain area can choose the head of the lower centrifugal pump, hilly areas can choose a moderate head, high altitude area can be used to lift a higher level of centrifugal pump. Users should be based on local conditions, water and water to buy height. 
Common types are: IS type centrifugal pump, ISW horizontal centrifugal pump, B centrifugal pump, BA centrifugal pump, S/SH type double suction centrifugal pump, D/DG type multi-stage centrifugal pump. 

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