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What are the characteristics of open split volute pump

Split volute pump

1.Open vortex pump with closed or open flow channel with self suction capacity, can be used to transport liquid containing gas: 

The self suction process of open vortex pump is composed of suction, compression and exhaust, which is similar to that of the water ring vacuum pump. When the pump starts, the blade groove suction fluid thrown into the channel, the blade groove to form a vacuum, gas suction by the suction port; with the impeller rotation, fluid pressure, gas density, compressed in the blade root volume shrinking; outlet opening in the flow channel and near the blade end when the liquid flow to the root end, will dramatically increase as the centripetal direction into the blade groove, the gas is extruded from the outlet of liquid in the groove with the rotation of the impeller blade back to the entrance; so the cycle of suction and exhaust. 

2.Open type vortex pump cavitation performance is better than the closed vortex pump :

Open vortex pump suction mouth open in the blade side of the root of the blade, the liquid side into the blade groove root, and then in the centrifugal force of the flow in the flow channel flow rate is more uniform, less impact loss. 

3.Open vortex pump efficiency is low, generally 20%~35%:

One of the open type vortex pump using a closed flow channel due to the liquid flow in the discharge side of the flow channel from the flow of the flow of the outlet, the impact of the loss of a large, efficiency is generally only 20%~27%. Using the radial flow channel can improve the flow of the liquid flow in the outlet side of the discharge port, and the efficiency is improved to 27%~35%. 

4.Open vortex pumps are generally single stage or multi-stage.


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