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tructure and main characteristics of oil filled submersible electric pump

Oil filled submersible pump

The overall structure of the pump type oil filled submersible pump: 

The typical structure of pump type 
1.Submersible pump structure :
The upper part of the submersible electric pump is a pump part, which is composed of a pipe joint, a pump body, an impeller, a pump cover and a water inlet joint. 
2.Submersible motor structure: 
The lower part of the submersible electric pump is a vertical cage type three-phase asynchronous motor. In addition to the structure of land use and ordinary asynchronous motor stator and rotor and the upper and lower cover, the motor shaft extension end, namely in the two part of motor and pump with the Department installed a set of double mechanical seal components. The motor is filled with other oil, which is full of mechanical oil or insulating property and the same oil lubrication performance. The matched surfaces of the stator and the end cap and the outlet box are provided with oil resistant rubber O shaped sealing ring. 
3.Structural characteristics :
When the motor is submerged in water for a long time, the stator winding and the bearing can be ensured to work under the condition that the oil is filled with insulating oil. 

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