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Effect of high temperature treatment of vacuum pump

1. Because of the high speed of axial flow fan, the wind pressure is large, the cooling effect is greatly enhanced. At the same temperature and load current, the temperature of the main motor is reduced by 12. The temperature of the main motor in summer is no longer out of limit.
2. The insulation aging speed of the main motor is reduced, and the service life of the main motor is prolonged.
3. Axial flow fan can be artificially controlled, after the main motor outage, the axial flow fan can still run, can make the main motor is fully cooled.
4. After voltage regulation, the running current of the vacuum pump is reduced to 210A, and the heat quantity is relatively reduced.

5. As far as possible to the 2 section of the bus load distribution balance, in order to prevent a section of the bus due to excessive load caused by excessive voltage drop. 

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