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Deep Well Turbine Pumps for sale

Deep well turbine pumps are basically centrifugal pumps which are used for high head, high efficiency and constant flow. The bowel assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped. Deep well turbine pumps push fluid to the surface through a column pipe and then through a head assembly.

Deep Well Turbine Pumps

Submersible pump throwing diagram


Vertical line-shaft pumps with submerge pump bowel, line-shaft and drive unit on the surface for the installation in deep wells or tanks. Featuring an extremely solid and reliable construction design, they ensure great application flexibility.

The bowel assembly which may be a single stage or multi-stage (according to the head efficiency requirement), is radially split and the intermediate bowels are interchangeable. Increase or decrease of bowel assemblies changes the head efficiency of the pump. Same like, column pipes and column shafts are also interchangeable and used according the required head efficiency.

Deep well turbine pumps are single / multistage centrifugal pumps operating in a vertical position. Although their constructional and operational features underwent a continuous evolution over the years, their basic operational principle remained the same. Produced liquids, after being subjected to great centrifugal forces caused by the high rotational speed of the impeller, lose their kinetic energy in the diffuser where a conversion of kinetic to pressure energy takes place. This is the main operational mechanism of radial and mixed flow pumps.

The pump shaft (column shaft) is connected to a hollow shaft motor / gear (at the surface) through column pipes. Water enters the pump through an intake side and is lifted by the pump stages.


Deep Well Turbine Pumps Application

These types of pumps are suitable for water supply in housing societies / municipalities, irrigation, construction sites, high raise buildings, industrial and commercial usage.

Deep Well Turbine Pumps Construction

This pump consist on three main parts i.e. bowel assembly, column pipes & shaft assembly and discharge head.

Bowel assembly in grey cast iron and specially designed dynamically balanced impeller in bronze. Column pipes in MS material and column shafts are in carbon steel. Top shaft and shaft used in bowel assembly in stainless steel for more reliable and durable pump operation. Discharge head in grey cast iron is used.

Hollow-shaft electric motors with 4 poles (1450 rpm) is suitable for these kinds of pumps. 

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