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QJ deep well multi-stage submersible pump

QJ deep well multi-stage submersible pump is a water lifting tool which is directly connected with the pump and submersible into the water. It is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep well and can also be used for water lifting works such as river, reservoir and canal: multi-stage submersible pump is mainly used for farmland Irrigation and plateau mountainous areas of human and animal water, but also for cities, factories, railways, mines, site for water use.

QJ deep well multi-stage submersible pump

QJ deep well submersible pump is based on national standards designed energy-saving products, QJ submersible pumps are widely used in farmland irrigation, industrial and mining enterprises for water supply and drainage, plateau, mountain people, livestock water. The pump consists of QJ submersible pump and YQS submersible motor into one underwater to work underwater. With a simple structure, small size, light weight, installation, easy maintenance, safe operation, reliable, energy efficient and so on.

product features

  1. Well submersible pump motor, water pump integrated into the water running, safe and reliable.
  2. QJ submersible pumps have no special requirements for the well pipe and the water pipe (ie, steel pipe wells, ash pipe wells, soil wells and so on can be used; under pressure permission, steel pipe, hose, plastic pipe can be used for the use of water pipes)
  3. Well submersible pump installation, use, easy maintenance simple, small footprint, no need to build pump room
  4. Well submersible pump structure is simple, save raw materials
Is it appropriate to use the submersible pump for proper use and proper management

QJ deep well multi-stage submersible pump model significance

150QJ10-150 / 21-7.5
  • 150-150 (minimum well diameter)
  • QJ-Model Features: Well submersible pumps
  • 10 - flow: 10m3 / h
  • 150-head: 150m
  • 21-21 level
  • 7.5 - matching power: 7.5KW

QJ deep well multi-stage submersible pump using conditions

  1. Power supply for the 380V three-phase AC power supply
  2. The water temperature should not be higher than 20 ℃
  3. The solids content in water (by mass) is not more than 0.01%
  4. The pH of the water is 6.5 to 8.5
  5. Water chloride content of not more than 400mg / L

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