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Used for discharging waste water and other material with granular material, also it can be used for clean water and corrosive medium.
The sewage series of shenwu brand that have 10 series.
Evaluate the flow rate. Every pump is rated for a certain flow rate, which indicates how much water the pump can move per minute or per hour. The flow rate is given in gallons per minute (GPM) or gallons per hour (GPH). Choose your flow rate based on the
Determine the pressure requirements for your pump. The pressure of a submersible pump is also known as head or lift. It is measured as the vertical distance from the pump to the highest point of discharge. For example, if you need a pump to drain a pond t
A submersible pump is used for wells that are relatively deep and require a lot of pumping power. They go into the well itself and then pump the water up from below. This is different than a jet pump, which does not go into the well and is used for shallo
Some wells can be affected by drought conditions or periods of excessive rains. The normal depth-to-water can change in such cases.
Choose a pump based on your well’s depth to water:
Depth Type of pump
Less than 25’ Use a shallow well pump
25’ – 110’ Use a deep well pump
25’ – 400’ Use a 4” submersible pump
Submersible well pumps for drinking water wells that are the nomal submersible pump. The clean water well pump s that only delivery clean water. Other liquid is not suitable ,like sewage pump or with other's meduim. The deep well pump most is low perssur
A centrifugal pump containing two or more impellers is called a multistage centrifugal pump. The impellers may be mounted on the same shaft or on different shafts.
Cavitation—the net positive suction head (NPSH) of the system is too low for the selected pump
A centrifugal pump adds kinetic energy to a fluid by means of fast-rotating impellers. There is no fixed volume, and the fluid increases in kinetic energy (velocity) while moving through impeller passages by centrifugal force resulting from impeller rotat
The pump head should be close to the actual needs, if the head is too low, the actual use of head higher than the pump head, this will cause the flow down, pump efficiency decreases. Axial force increases, thrust premature wear. Conversely, if the pump he
With the development of petroleum and chemical technology, people gradually realize that, some of the production process of water quality demand is not high, the other processes in the sewage can and fresh water are mixed in a certain proportion, as the p
With the development of society, the problem of drinking water has been greatly improved. But some areas are not security problems still exist.
Centrifugal pump is a kind of general fluid machine which is widely used in the chemical industry system. It has a wide range of features (including the flow, pressure head and the nature of the transport medium), small size, simple layout, easy to operat
Stainless steel pump production and life can be seen everywhere, but with the progress of industrial and agricultural development and continuous improvement of the level of urbanization, stainless steel valve in the global market, there is still a huge gr
The global water shortage has decided the sea water desalination industry has the huge market prospect and the good industrial development environment. If according to the seawater desalination equipment per ton per day of 7000 yuan investment cost estima
Sewage pump is widely used in enterprises discharge waste water, urban sewage treatment plants discharge system, subway, underground chamber, air defense system drainage station, residential sewage pumping station, municipal engineering, construction site
The basic parameters characterizing the main performance of the pump are the following: flow,head, power, speed, NPSH ,
A pump is a machine that pumps a liquid or a liquid. It transfers the mechanical energy or other external energy of the prime mover to the liquid, which increases the energy of the liquid. Pumps are mainly used to transport liquid, including water, oil, a
Once the pump failure, it will cause failure of other equipment, resulting in production. The manufacturing cost of the pump is high, work more complex, the pump working state of the importance of continuous measurement and monitoring is also bigger. Espe
Through the centrifugal pump and piping system characteristic curve analysis of the centrifugal pump flow regulation of several main ways: export valve regulation, pump speed adjustment and the pump string, parallel regulation. With the characteristic gra
Centrifugal pump with its simple structure, easy to use and maintenance, high efficiency and become the most widely used in agriculture, a water pump, but also because of water and sometimes do not feel worry. The reason for the failure of the water suppl
Centrifugal pump with its simple structure, easy to use and maintenance, high efficiency and become the most widely used in agriculture, a water pump, but also because of water and sometimes do not feel worry. The reason for the failure of the water suppl
By adjusting the diameter of the impeller and pump speed, pump flow head and shaft power will be affected, but the efficiency curve has no effect, so that the pump can work in the high efficiency area. The above adjustment flow - lift is a certain limits,