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Classification of fire pumps

Fire pump

Fire pump classification, generally from several aspects, namely: according to the use of places, according to the export pressure level, according to the use, and many other aspects of the classification. 

According to the use of occasions can be divided into: 

 1. The car with the fire pump 
 2. Marine fire pump 
 3. The project with the fire pump 
 4. The other with the fire pump 

 According to the exit pressure level can be divided into: 

 1. Low pressure fire pump 
 2. Medium pressure fire pump 
 3. Medium and low pressure fire pump 
 4. High pressure fire pump 
 5. High and low fire pump 

 According to use can be divided into: 

 1. Water supply fire pump 
 2. Stabilized fire pump 
 3. For foam liquid fire pump 

 According to the auxiliary features can be divided into: 

 1. Ordinary fire pump 
 2. Deep well fire pump 
 3. Submersible fire pump 

 According to the power source can be divided into: 

 1. Diesel engine fire pump set 
 2. Motor fire pump group 
 3. Gas turbine fire pump group 
 4. Gasoline engine fire pump group

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