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2 sets 150mm outlet diameter submersible sewage water pump


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Zambia 150m3/h 20m 15kw 20hp submersible sewage pump

Zambia customer is a professional engineer in sewage water pump he required. He is employed in Sewage Water Construction Treatment, Zambia. They want to replace thier exsiting pump, so same sewage water pump technical data. After one month, we made this order.

APK always adhere to the long-term, we intended to make the global users get more cost-effective products. We are systematic, standardized, not inferior brand in Europe, performance is stability. Zambia customers in the positioning of our products and service, adopt 150WQ replaced existing sewage water pump.The customer give us an approval after pump service provider finish the installation and debugging. APK still spare no effort to systematically promote the development of agents in the target market, we strive for lower prices, faster delivery times and faster service for customers thousands of kilometers away.